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Testimony on video

My testimony starts around the 18 minute and 40 second mark:

If you keep listening, you’ll get to see Elijah Cummings run roughshod over the three witnesses. We do our best but he can’t be stopped. And you’ll get to see Dennis Kucinich wonder who invited me because he and I agree on Wall Street and the government.

My only regret about the hearing is that when Cummings starts asking the questions and demanding yes or no, I didn’t offer to answer for Romer and Bernstein.

The opening statements from Jim Jordan and Dennis Kucinich (they wrangle over the Romer and Bernstein absence) and John Taylor’s statement precede mine in the first 18 minutes.

John Taylor’s written testimony is superb. Clean macro. Here, along with mine and J.D. Foster’s and the presenters in the second panel.


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