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Julian Simon on Firing Line

One of the greatest privileges – stroke of unearned and undeserved good fortune, more accurately – of my life was my being befriended by Julian Simon for the final eight or so years of his too-short life that ended suddenly in February of 1998.  The power, the reach, the penetration, and the uniqueness of his insights have yet to be fully appreciated; far, far from it.

My friend Barry Conner sent me a DVD of a recording of Julian’s October 1981 appearance on William Buckley’s t.v. show “Firing Line.”  I’d no idea until today that Julian ever appeared on Buckley’s justly famous program.  So I devoured the episode (figuratively, of course).  Then I searched for it on YouTube – and found this segment of it.

Julian is the last soul in the Great Beyond who would be surprised that human creativity makes his appearance of nearly 30 years ago so readily available for me to share with you.

Julian – you are deeply, sorely missed.


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