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In this very short video, Cato’s (and GMU student) Caleb Brown puts the the G.O.P.’s proposed spending cuts into proper perspective.

Bob Higgs levels yet another brilliant blast against the warfare state.

In my latest column in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, I discuss inflation’s pernicious effects upon interest rates and capital investment.

David Harsanyi explains that, if N.P.R. really is good programming, it will have no trouble surviving if it is weaned from taxpayers’ teats.

George Jonas, writing in Canada’s National Post, objects to prohibitions on monetary payments for transplantable body organs.  (HT David Stinson)  Here’s an especially nice paragraph:

Most of all, what makes anyone think that he is entitled to pass a death sentence on a fellow human being by forbidding him to purchase an organ from a willing seller? Is it principle? Choosing to die for one’s principles is one thing; obliging others to die for them is something else again. (In Canada, forcing others to die for one’s principles is called socialized medicine.)

Markets supply.


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