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by Don Boudreaux on March 21, 2011

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National Review‘s John Miller just published this splendid article on my great GMU Econ colleague Walter Williams.

Here’s the Center for Freedom & Prosperity’s Dan “Bulldawg” Mitchell in the first in a series of videos on central banking and its alternatives.

Bill Easterly interviews Deirdre McCloskey on the theme of Deirdre’s newest book, Bourgeois Dignity.  (I’m reading this book closely now; it’s packed with phenomenally important insights.)

My GMU Econ colleague Pete Boettke has this very interesting discussion of the popularity of economic ideas.

What wonderful news that Paul Rubin is now blogging, at Truth on the Market!

Arnold Kling and Paul Krugman are having an argument.  Arnold wins this one, IMHO.


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