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Hands Off!

This blog post at The Economist is on older Americans’ hostility to proposed cuts in Medicare.  The post is entitled “Keeping government hands off their benefits.”

The head aches, spins, and becomes dizzy at the confusion evidenced by this title – a title that, alas, seems to describe reasonably accurately the attitude of Medicare advocates: ‘Don’t mess with my Medicare!’

But I can’t help but ask: how can government possibly keep its hands off of Americans’ Medicare benefits given that it’s the very hands of government – and only those hands – that create Medicare benefits to begin with?  The process by which $$ is taken from Mr. and Ms. Young and given as Medicare benefits to Mr. and Ms. Elder necessarily involves the hands of government.  If government kept its hands off of Medicare benefits no such benefits would exist in the first place.

So I say, indeed – government hands off of Medicare!


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