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Some Links

George Selgin continues to set the record and our thinking straight about fractional-reserve vs. 100%-reserve banking.

Cato’s David Boaz is now blogging at the Encyclopaedia Brittanica blog.

Here’s part of a talk that former Cleveland Fed President Jerry Jordan delivered on how currency debasement undermines the rule of law.

In the Guardian, my brilliant younger colleague Bryan Caplan debates Tiger Mom Amy Chua.

Mark Perry brings us this video of Judge Jim Gray; Judge Gray is an eloquent and passionate opponent of the ‘war on drugs’ war on peaceful people who choose to use intoxicants that the government disapproves of.

After reading George Will’s superb column in yesterday’s Washington Post, I’m more convinced that ever that we should bring back, and ‘Locke’ in, the nondelegation doctrine.

Chapman University philosopher Tibor Machan ponders Paul Krugman.

Back in April Mark Perry offered this useful and revealing table on how “American” are various makes of automobiles.

Finally, Henry Manne reminds me of this video – “The Government Can” – from August 2009 by comedian Tim Hawkins.  I’m pretty sure that I linked to this video earlier here at the Cafe, but it’s worth re-linking.  Not only is it entertaining, but perhaps the single best way to protect our liberties is to reveal politicians to be the buffoonish objects of ridicule that they truly are.  In this way, laughter is indeed the best medicine.