Bob Higgs here (yet again, but always worthily) explains why WWII did not boost the economy.  (Is there a more frequently committed instance of the looking-only-at-what-is-seen error than the frequently committed insistence that war is good for the economy?)

And here Bob ponders bank reserves.

David Harsanyi’s trademark insight and wit are on full display in this essay exposing the cavalier disdain for humans, and obsession with baseless predictions of doomsday, of many environmentalists.

I’m thrilled to see that the Independent Institute has re-issued Bruce Benson’s truly great book, The Enterprise of Law.

Speaking of law, let’s applaud the Pacific Legal Foundation for taking this important case on the security of private property rights to the U.S. Supreme Court – and applaud also the Supremes for agreeing to hear it.

Cato’s Sallie James has the dirt on the agreement to extend Trade Adjustment Assistance through 2013.

Richard Rahn discusses tax cuts.

Finally, Art Carden explains why price ceilings, especially in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters, are harmful.


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