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by Don Boudreaux on June 1, 2011

in Complexity & Emergence, History, State of Macro, The Crisis, Trade, Travel

Cato’s Dan Ikenson explains some of the craziness of “antidumping duties.

In my most recent column in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, I ponder what I might say were some college foolish enough to ask me to speak at its undergraduate commencement.

The Institute for Justice identifies one source of slow job growth.

Arnold Kling’s idea of PSST – Patterns of Sustainable Specialization and Trade – deserves much more attention.  It makes worlds of sense.

Regime uncertainty.  (HT Mark Perry)

I just discovered – to my delight – that this paper by my GMU Econ colleague Dan Klein and UC-Santa Barbara history prof John Majewski on turnpikes and tollroads in 19th-century America is available on-line.


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