Writing in the Financial Times, my GMU Econ and Law colleague Tom Hazlett discusses the F.T.C.’s antitrust investigation of Google.

Rare Earths elements newly discovered in the Pacific.  (HT Tim Lord)  Julian Simon wouldn’t be surprised.  Nor, I’m sure, is Tim Worstall.

Economic freedom is good for your health. (HT Mark Perry)

Further evidence that the market can and does – when left sufficiently free and undistorted – supply health care…. (HT Mark Perry again)

and evidence on the dreary reality of socialized medicine.  (HT Nicolas Martin)

Thomas Sowell on politics versus reality.

Arnold Kling holds forth again – and, as always, compellingly so – on Patterns of Sustainable Specialization and Trade (PSST).

At Forbes.com, Art Carden asks what the ‘drug war’ is good for.

Finally, here’s more evidence of the truth that taxes reduce supplies brought to market.  (HT Henri Hein)


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