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Some Links

I’m with Bryan Caplan: people are resources, and the world needs more of them.

Here’s George Selgin on the “local currency” movement.

Here’s a video from last-month’s debate at The Urban Institute on the merits of private community associations.  (HT Daniel Kuehn)  Defending private community associations is the always-wise Bob Nelson.  (And here’s an abstract of one of my favorite pieces of research on the topic.  😉  )

John Stossel discusses playwright David Mamet’s new-found appreciation for the economic and ethical merits of free-market capitalism.

Undercover Economist Tim Harford delivered this superb talk, on trial-and-error, at last-week’s TED conference in Edinburgh.  Superb!

Hmmm….. I wonder, I just wonder, if this might have something to do with rising health-care costs.

David Henderson debates Ian Fletcher.  Fletcher clings to the ancient superstition that voluntary exchanges that take place across the political borders of nations are mysteriously transformed by those borders into a class of exchanges fundamentally different than voluntary exchanges that take place within the political borders of nations.  And, frankly – as this dialog reveals – he argues as all defenders of indefensible superstitions argue: by distorting others’ arguments and by conflating issues that must be kept separate when doing analyses.  It’s to his credit – and my discredit – that David has more patience with such people than I have.