Sunday will be the 99th anniversary of the birth of the great – the truly, deeply great and sorely missed – Milton Friedman.  Nick Gillespie and offer this splendid tribute.

The world is getting richer.  (HT Karol)  In light of today’s Quotation of the Day, I point out that I rejoice no less for the improvement in well-being enjoyed by people in, say, China, Laos, and Zambia than I do for the improvements in well-being enjoyed by people in, say, Alabama, Idaho, and Texas.

You do not want to be in a debate with my brilliant younger colleague Bryan Caplan.

Every word David Harsanyi writes is worth reading.

Here’s a pdf of the late Murray Rothbard’s marked-up copy of a 1975 interview with Hayek.  (HT Richard Ebeling)

Former Institute of Economic Affairs Executive Director John Blundell celebrates 20 women who loved liberty.

This new collection, edited by Mario Rizzo, looks to be filled with must-read papers.

Steven Hayward weighs in on China’s alleged ‘green’ achievements.

Finally, Cato’s Dan Griswold discovers that Ian Fletcher freely trades with the past in order to reduce toil in the present.


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