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A Keynesian Theory of Aging

Don recently linked to an article I wrote that included my picture. One commenter, rbd, responded to the picture rather than the article:

One thing is quite evident: Russ needs to update his profile picture! He looks like he’s 37, or so.

I have to confess that I do look older than the photo. I’m 56 and there’s no way I look 37. In fact, I teased the editor about using that picture–she discovered it on the web and I told her it was out of date…

But Don responded to rbd:

Serving on the GMU Econ faculty is rather like swimming in the Fountain of Youth….

Of course he is right. So the puzzle is why do I look older than when I first arrived at GMU? And the answer is that if it weren’t working at GMU, I’d look even older than I do.


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