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Just Nonsense

A faithful Cafe patron sent me this link to a Huffington Post essay by Mary Bottari.  I read it, and have nothing specific to say save that it’s nonsense from top to bottom – nonsense of a sort that elicits no reply given that not the faintest whiff of reason wafts through the essay.

Anyone who finds insight in such an essay has as much hope of being reasoned with as a tree stump has of being taught to tap dance.

I confess to suffer occasionally the urge to address every such absurdity that crosses my path.  And I sincerely appreciate the Cafe patron sending to me the above link.  But some such ravings – such as the above – are simply too ridiculous.  Just as every verbal ejaculation by every New Age therapist professing the healing powers of crystals and stones need not be addressed by serious physicians, every shriek by pundits on the economy who know absolutely nothing about the economy need not be addressed by serious economists.