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by Don Boudreaux on August 1, 2011

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That vast and creative region of reality, Technologia, continues to export to us its products – and, in doing so, ‘destroys’ jobs.  (HT Mark Perry)  (See also this little monument to human ingenuity.)

While we’re tapping in to Mark Perry’s contributions to our knowledge and understanding, here’s Mark’s explanation for why Americans’ fear of a U.S. trade deficit is misplaced.

Larry Ribstein understands the dangers of occupational licensing.

Writing in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times, the always-astute Nicole Gelinas proposes a free-market fix for today’s housing-market woes.

Here’s Chicago Tribune columnist Steve Chapman on the debate over raising Uncle Sam’s debt-ceiling.  And here’s the take of Cato’s David Boaz.

George Selgin justifiably finds unintended humor in the many barbs – some quite vicious – directed against him by “Rothbardians.

Doug Bandow calls out John McCain for the war-monger that McCain is.


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