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Go Ford

Our family has two Hondas. My first car was a Honda. But I’ve owned a Ford Explorer–it was our first kid car before we got a minivan. I tend to buy Hondas because I like the way they feel and drive and when I try out American cars, particularly GM or Chrysler, they have a boxier less interesting interior and I don’t like the way they drive. That’s just me.

But after the bailouts of GM and Chrysler, I said to myself that I should try a Ford sometime again and I’d never buy a GM or Chrysler product. At least for a long while. It’s not much of a pledge because as I said, I’ve never bought one. So no big deal.

But I was shocked to see the following commercial. It is very rare to see a major American corporation take a pro–real-capitalism and anti-crony-capitalism stand and use it in their marketing. I saw this the first time on TV and it blew me away. As Milton Friedman liked to point out, business leaders tend to be against capitalism. It makes them compete and they sometimes fail. Business prefers being coddled and protected. Anyway, watch the ad if you haven’t seen it.



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