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Some Links

The great Bruce Yandle – Emeritus Professor of Economics at Clemson University – is interviewed in the current issue of the Richmond Fed’s Region Focus.  One of the finest privileges of my life was being Bruce’s colleague at Clemson for five wonderful years.

Here’s a video contest for you creative students!

Carpe Diem’s Mark Perry explains that trade is always balanced.

The editors at the Wall Street Journal rightly criticize Mitt Romney for his economically uninformed – but obviously politically motivated – criticisms of Beijing’s monetary policy.  Listening to politicians address economic issues is like listening to astrologers talk about the physics of the formation of stars.

The September 2011 issue of The Freeman is, as is typical of each issue of this superb publication edited by Sheldon Richman, loaded with great material.  At the risk of unintentionally insulting some authors, though, I want especially to recommend the powerful essay by Cato’s David Boaz on the outlandish and evil ‘war on drugs,’ and the essay by Freeman columnist and historian Burt Folsom on the Great Depression.

Over at The Independent Review, Julio Cole tells of the intellectual journey of Nobel laureate writer Mario Vargas Llosa.

My buddy Wayne Crews, of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, explains how we can transcend post- 9/11 insecurity here in our homeland.

My GMU colleague (formerly in the Dep’t. of Economics, but now over in the School of Public Policy) Jack High explains, in this letter in the Washington Post, why we ought to be skeptical of policy solutions proposed by Keynesians.

And George Will discusses “our floundering ‘federal family’.”