As anyone familiar with supermarket items can tell you – and now Mark Bittman of the New York Times does so – meals from fast-food restaurants are not cheaper than many healthier options available to nearly every American.  (HT Peter Minowitz)

George Will exposes the fishy-ness of government’s alleged efforts to regulate in the public interest.

Economist David Rose makes a solid case against the extension of unemployment benefits paid by government.

Steve Landsburg ponders Keynesianism.

Arnold on Russ on Tyler.

And Arnold on the follies of those who apologize for monopoly government K-12 “education.”

Over at Division of Labour, Brad Smith reports yet more evidence that Pres. Obama’s understanding of even basic economics is, I put it this way, limited.

My great colleague Walter Williams finds the similarities between Social Security and private Ponzi schemes too obvious to ignore.


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