Division of Labour’s Frank Stephenson has something to say about C. Fred Bergsten’s simplistic take on America’s current-account deficit.

Here’s Nick Schulz – channeling Timothy Taylor – on Herbert Hoover, Paul Krugman, John Judis, and budget-balancing.

I haven’t yet read Michael Marlow’s The Myth of Fair and Efficient Government, but my GMU Econ colleague Dan Klein recommends it, so I put it not only on my reading list but in this “Some Links” for your consideration.

My and Russ’s mathemetician friend Pietro Poggi-Corradini has a superb take on Elizabeth Warren’s unWarrented case for higher taxes.

It’s a shame that the truth Bryan Caplan speaks here is rejected out-of-hand by far too many people as being inadmissable in serious discussions about public policy.

Cato’s Dan Ikenson explains why Congress’s China-currency legislation is “a desperate mistake.”  Indeed it is.

Think that “Progressives” really are oh-so-lovely when it comes to civil liberties?  Cato’s Tim Lynch has some news u can use.


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