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Some Links from Cato@Liberty

Cato@Liberty has such a large number of especially important posts recently that I devote all of today’s “Some Links” post to them.  In no particular order…

Dan Ikenson again clearly and cleanly exposes the Economic Policy Institute “as an unrivaled purveyor of economic nonsense.”  For the umpteenth+1 time: EPI’s claim that U.S. trade deficits increase American unemployment – and especially EPI’s claim that it can measure the number of jobs allegedly so “destroyed” – is a comically sad attempt at hocus-pocus wizardry that would embarrass the most thread-bare street-corner magician.

… In this video – as my dear friend Tom Palmer notes – “Russian philosopher Leonid Nikonov explains the differences between socialism, cronyism, and free market capitalism.”

Chris Edwards reveals that Warren Buffett’s grasp of tax facts is palsied.  (Mark Perry chimes in, too, over at Carpe Diem.)

David Boaz uncovers more evidence of the civilizing properties of commerce.

… Finally, Sallie James is rightly upset at the shameless attempts by crony capitalists to double-dip into other people’s money.


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