Here’s empirical evidence of the reality and significance of Bob Higgs’s theory of regime uncertainty.  Pay careful attention.

Ross Kaminsky, writing at The American Spectator, uses his sound voice to argue against Uncle Sam’s retaliation against China for allegedly keeping the value of the renminbi too low American consumers who dare take advantage of good deals made possible by Beijing’s policy of tying the value of the renminbi to that of the U.S. dollar.

And writing at Forbes, the Cato Institute’s Jim Dorn warns against this same pending legislation aimed at slapping additional, discriminatory taxes on Americans who buy Chinese-made goods.

Mark Perry points out the obliviousness of the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters.

The great Bastiat makes a strong case for the flat tax.  (HT David Hart)

Rob Bradley is understandably made blue by politically created “green jobs.”

Writing in Investor’s Business Daily, my former student Alex Nowrasteh makes a case for liberlizing H-1B visas.

David Boaz, of the Cato Institute, writes eloquently on Steve Jobs, “prosperity creator“.


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