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Some Links

In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, Amity Shlaes offers sound advice on how to make the American economy more innovative.

In today’s Baltimore Sun, Rachel Marsden offers sound advice to the Occupy Wall Street crowd.  Here’s a slice:

The idea of fair and just compensation in exchange for commensurate effort has been so corrupted that true capitalism is a rarity — even on Wall Street, where screwing up means being bailed out through corporate welfare. Ironically, the protesters occupying Wall Street have that in common with those they purport to oppose: They all want government handouts, and no one wants to hustle to change their predicament.

In Sunday’s Washington Post, Reason’s Katherine Mangu-Ward dispels five myths about healthy eating.

Steve Landsburg explains why

… [i]f you care about efficiency, you’ll want to cut the capital gains rate to zero for everyone. If you care about fairness, and if you believe fairness mitigates against double/triple/quadruple taxation, you’ll still want to cut the capital gains rate to zero for everyone.

Carpe Diem’s Mark Perry updates us on the state of industrial production in America.

Bryan Caplan asks a question of growing importance.

Speaking of Bryan, I thank him for alerting me to this splendid post by Scott Sumner.

Finally, my former student Mrs. Michelle M. McAdoo speaks with Neil Cavuto about Apple Inc.