It’s up!  Check it out and learn – and be inspired.

Tim Worstall weighs in against the proposed Tobin tax on financial transactions.

John Tamny explains why we should cheer the disappearance of manufacturing jobs.

Really and truly, I would have linked to this superb essay by Sheldon Richman even had he not kindly quoted me in it.

The great George Melloan, writing in today’s Wall Street Journal, evaluates “Obama’s Perplexing Populism.

David Henderson reviews Alexander Field’s new book,  A Great Leap Forward: 1930s Depression and U.S. Economic Growth.

Alan Reynolds explores the claim that there is in America a growing “wealth gap.”

Finally, on last-night’s Stossel, I argued against money-manager Stephen Leeb’s insistence that China’s growing economy poses a grave danger to Americans.  (This post by David Henderson is relevant.)


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