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by Don Boudreaux on November 8, 2011

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My former student Caleb Brown narrates this wonderful three-and-a-half-minute-long video, from Cato, on the folly of that species of corporate welfare known as “anti-dumping regulation.

Mark Perry points us to yet more evidence that income mobility in America is real.

Speaking of which, see Michael Tanner’s essay on this question.

In a few days I’ll likely add my own post here at the Cafe on this matter of who, among living writers, is today’s Bastiat – and who is not.

Writing at, my former student Alex Nowrasteh counsels conservatives to support more-open immigration.

Hearty congratulations to Damon Root and the other winners of the 2011 Hoiles Prizes for Journalism!

This month’s hot new feature article at EconLib is by Brian Strow on the economic position of firefighters.

Bob Higgs reports that the economic recovery in America remains anemic, at best.

Finally, here’s a 15-plus minute-long podcast that the good folks at the Heartland Institute did with me on trade.


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