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Larry Ribstein, RIP

I learned only yesterday of the sudden and terribly sad death on Christmas Eve of Truth on the Market‘s Larry Ribstein.  Geoff Manne reminisces here, and collects the reflections and condolences of several others.

I didn’t know Larry very well, but on those four or five occassions when we were together at seminars I unfailingly learned from – and enjoyed – his contributions.  He was a scholar who wasted no words; every one – verbally from his mouth, and written from his keyboard – moved the discussion forward.

When Larry left the GMU Law faculty (for the University of Illinois) in 2002 I was keenly disappointed, not least because I myself had returned to GMU only a year earlier and had hoped to get to know Larry better.  And so I was thrilled when only two months ago, at a seminar on GMU’s Fairfax campus, Henry Butler (also newly returned to GMU Law) told me with undisguised delight that he and his GMU Law colleagues were on the verge of recruiting Larry back to the GMU Law faculty.

Legal scholarship, law classrooms, the blogosphere, GMU – and, of course, Larry’s family and friends – have all suffered an awful loss.


Geoff Manne also has notice of the January 4th memorial service for Larry.