My GMU colleague at the Law School J.W. Verret pleads for no more Solyndras.

University of Chicago Law professor Todd Henderson discusses the many 1-percenters.

In this paper, law profs Douglas Kahn and Jeffrey Kahn argue that the alleged free-rider justification for Obamacare is a red herring.

In my most-recent column in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, I reflect further on income differences in modern America.

Here’s a short video on the distinction between free-market capitalism and crony ‘capitalism‘ cronyism and capitalism, starring Susan Dudley and Bradley Schiller.

With only a few well-chosen words, EconLog’s David Henderson exposes the foolishness that is Donald Trump’s ‘economics.’

Hoover, FDR, and the Great Depression  (HT Dan “Bulldog” Mitchell)

Some current trade facts from Dan Griswold.

Finally, I’ve not read this book, so I haven’t any idea if it goes there – but (bonus question!) how might the developments documented in this book result in higher and more predictable product quality (including product safety) – all without any regulation by government?


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