George Selgin writes to the New York Times about the Fed.

Brookings Institute fellow Scott Winship challenges the assertion that ordinary Americans’ economic prospects are becoming more risky.

Will Pentagon budget cuts “castrate” U.S. military might?  Veronique de Rugy and Benjamin Friedman reveal that the answer is ‘certainly not.

David Boaz exposes Michael Gerson’s apparent inability to understand libertarianism.

In this video, Arnold Kling and Nick Schulz talk with James Pethokoukis.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to live with the income that Elvis Presley earned?!  (Andy Morriss does here what I’ve been thinking of doing since I read Ron Chernow’s biography of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. (1839-1937).  Middle-class Americans today would suffer a great deal of noticeable material hardship were they forced to live as America’s richest man of a century ago lived.  [On this matter, see today’s Quotatation of the Day.])

The Minneapolis Fed interviews MIT economist Esther Duflo.


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