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Some Links

Via Todd Henderson, here’s Richard Epstein’s response to Jeffrey Sachs’s misrepresentations of libertarianism.

Arnold Kling rightly laments the state of business reporting.

What happens to measures of income “inequality” when the value of health-care benefits is taken into account?

Shikha Dalmia shares the troubling truth about India’s caste system.

Here’s Thomas Sowell on Newt Gingrich.  And here’s George Will.  I side with Will regarding Gingrich.  Four more years of Obama in the Oval Office would be better, in my view, than four years of Gingrich there: each man is mad for power; each man’s Promethean opinion of himself is quite the opposite of what a realistic self-opinion would be; each man is a font of economic idiocy; and each man’s principles are such that each would – recalling Mencken’s description of FDR – fatten up a crew of missionaries on the White House lawn for slaughter if he thought that endorsing cannibalism would get him more votes.  Yet the countless nutty and destructive policies that Pres. Gingrich would likely implement would inevitably be described by our crack mainstream press as “laissez faire” – thus creating more public misunderstanding.  (Of course, four more years of Obama in the White House might also be better than four years of Romney there….)

Here’s a new symposium on some recent work by my GMU Econ colleague Richard Wagner (HT Pete Boettke)

Bryan Caplan asks why should we restrict immigration.