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The Bane of Civilization

Here’s a letter to the Wall Street Journal:

It’s no surprise that Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry each attacks the perfectly appropriate capitalist activities that Mitt Romney performed during his time at Bain Capital (“Romney Lashes Back on Bain,” Jan. 12): Gingrich and Perry are politicians, each desperate to delude voters into believing that he – and not Romney or anyone else – is fit to exercise the dizzying powers that today are vested in the U.S. presidency.  Therefore, neither of these men will honor any principle or respect any truth if doing so will cost him votes; nor will either man refrain from any slander or shun any chicanery the practice of which will, in his estimation, beguile the masses into elevating him into the ostentation of the Oval Office.

But, of course, Romney’s own flip-flop on the health-care issue and his absurd attack on Americans who buy Chinese-made goods prove that he, too, is of the species politicus duplicitus – and, therefore, deserving of no sympathy.

Donald J. Boudreaux
Professor of Economics
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA  22030