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Reason.com’s Nick Gillespie weighs in (and provides the relevant links) on the debate between Jonathan Chait and Vero de Rugy regarding the progressivity of the U.S. tax system.  (Nick and Vero are friends of mine, it’s true, but that is not the reason I believe them to be correct on this matter and Chait to be mistaken.  The OECD data that Vero cites, along with her explanation, make plain to me that she is correct.  But even if she’s mistaken – and I, in interpreting the data and the arguments, am also among the mistaken – Vero’s interpretation of the data does not remotely approach being the ignorant, ideologically driven screed that Chait accuses it of being.  Quite the opposite.)

Bob Higgs explains why more retirees should join those of us who want to end central banking.

Writing in Investor’s Business Daily, CEI’s Wayne Crews reports on the burden of government regulations.  It’s huge.

John Cochrane discusses the real problem with the birth-control mandate.  (HT Steve Landsburg)

Arnold Kling identifies an example – this one from Peter Dorman – of a phenomenon that might be usefully called “faux  reasonableness” – or, even better, “unreasonable reasonableness.”

Andrew Coulson reports on evidence that school choice helps to lower crime rates.


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