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Some Links

David Friedman on crying wolf.  I especially appreciate this slice:

I am not competent to judge the climate science behind global warming, but I am suspicious of orthodoxies pushed relentlessly in the popular media, orthodoxies that claim that everyone competent agrees on an urgent problem which requires drastic action immediately if not sooner. I remember when we were being assured that it was simply a scientific fact that overpopulation was the cause of poverty and a near term threat to our own well being, if not survival. Also when we were assured that the only way to get the poor countries of the world up to our level was central planning, if possible supported by generous foreign aid.

Steve Landsburg on one curious implication of Robert Frank’s hypothesis that we’re all in a Red-Queen-like futile quest for status and ‘positional goods.

On April 12, FEE will host, in Atlanta, “An Evening with John Stossel.

Bob Higgs gives perspective on short-run changes in employment rates.

The great Thomas Sowell weighs in again, this time at Investor’s Business Daily, on the cruelty of minimum-wage legislation.

David Harsanyi astutely sees through Obama’s happy-talk about the alleged “success” of the auto bailout.  I especially like this slice:

The same week our greed-averse president sends a fundraising letter demonizing the Koch brothers—dubious self-starters and risk takers who employ about 70,000 people without bailouts and hand out billions in noncoerced charity—he is busy celebrating policy that forces taxpayers to be their brother’s keeper, even though their brother continues to make terrible decisions free of consequence.