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Some Links

The good folks at the Pacific Legal Foundation have won an important victory over bureaucratic tyranny.  In this particular instance, it’s a victory before the U.S. Supreme Court and over a species of officiousness as practiced by the E.P.A.  (See here, too.)

Here’s a video of a talk that George Selgin recently delivered in DC on the origins of the Fed.

Steve Landsburg poses to Uwe Reinhardt some taxing questions.

Free The Pill!

To Tad DeHaven’s question, I answer “Yes!”

One of my son’s favorite books is Ender’s Game.  I’m relieved that it isn’t porn.

Speaking of good reads, George Will rightly describes Virginia Postrel’s 1998 book The Future and Its Enemies as “the best book for rescuing the country from a ruinous itch for tidiness.”  (I should read Virginia’s book again, for it made a huge – and positive – impact on me when I read it soon after its release.)

Finally, the always-insightful Bob Higgs.