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Google Art Project

The typical addition to the Prosperity Pool is individually too small to make a noticeable or measurable difference in the living standards of those of us who enjoy the great good fortune of living in the modern industrial creative global capitalist economy.  Each of these additions is indeed much like a drop of water added to an Olympic-sized swimming pool: real, but alone not very significant.

But Google, I submit, is one of the exceptions: it is rather more like a blast from a firehose than a drop or two of water.  The improvement that Google alone has made to our standard of living is noticeable (if not, perhaps, quantifiable in dollars, pounds, yen, or euros).

I just learned (thanks to Walter Grinder) of the Google Art Project.  Wow.  A world and ages of beauty and human creativity available for almost everyone in the free world to enjoy instantly, inexpensively, and wherever.  Just wow.  Quoting Walter: “God bless Google – yet again!”