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Some Links

Tyler Cowen’s new book – An Economist Gets Lunch – will be released tomorrow!  As someone who’s enjoyed several lunches with Tyler, I can sincerely report that I’m especially eager to read this book.

Speaking of forthcoming books, a new and revised edition of Steve Landsburg’s Armchair Economist will soon hit store (and “e”) shelves!

And speaking of Steve Landsburg, he brings our attention to a telling graph – and supplies important discussion.

A few days ago, on PBS’s Newshour, Randy Barnett and his differently-opinioned Georgetown Law colleage Mike Seidman discussed the role of judicial review.

Here’s David Boaz on Pres. Obama’s proposal to raise even higher the tax obligations of people who are generally the most productive members of society.

Better have more than a penny for George Selgin’s thoughts. 🙂

Jonah Goldberg warns us to beware of any crony-capitalist sympathies that might be lurking in Mitt Romney.  (I, frankly, don’t need the warning, as I’ve long been sure that Romney will cultivate cronies with skill and lots of [other-people’s] money.  It’s what successful politicians generally do.  Want evidence other than that offered by Goldberg?  Then look no further than Romney’s uninformed complaints about Beijing allegedly arranging for the Chinese to sell goods to Americans at “unfairly” low prices.)

Speaking of crony capitalism….  Who would be so cynical as to read anything untoward into the facts of this report?  (HT Ross Kaminsky)