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Some Links

My GMU colleague Tom Hazlett is the man when it comes to the economics of telecommunications.  Here’s Tom’s latest essay in Barron’s – which concludes:

Regulators may not know it, but telecom competition is alive and well—without their help.

Over at EconLog, Arnold Kling offers another important lesson in the art of data interpretation.

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer is none-too-impressed with the Obama administration’s free-lunch economics.

Washington Post columnist George Will writes again on the prospects of legalizing at least some currently prohibited drugs.  (See also – and also from the Washington Postthis related op-ed by Mary Speck.)

Rebekah Rast writes about “Obama’s quixotic wind program.

CEI’s Wayne Crews discusses the government’s unfortunate antitrust action against Apple.

Here’s the New York Times on Tyler Cowen on food.

Arthur Brooks is right: the free market isn’t merely more efficient than alternatives, it is morally superior.

Antony Davies, Bruce Yandle, Derek Thieme, and Robert Sarvis review the U.S. experience with fiscal stimulus.

Finally – and I’ll announce this event again within the next few days – my colleague Larry White will discuss his new book The Clash of Economic Ideas at the Mason Inn (on GMU’s Fairfax campus) starting at 4:00pm on April 25th.