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Some Links

David Henderson properly applauds Bob Murphy’s analysis of William Nordhaus on the science of global warming.

Juan Carlos Hidalgo looks at French “austerity.”

Marian Tupy looks at the Mayans Club of Rome’s latest end-of-the-world prediction.  (And I – here, and here – discuss different aspects of capitalism, politics, and the environment.)

Here’s a short video of the great Johan Norberg on Europe’s woes.

Bob Higgs explains why “In politics and government, however, the institutional makeup fosters hatred at every turn.”

Raghuram Ragan has an uneven, but ultimately worthwhile, essay in the May/June 2012 issue of Foreign Affairs.  I agree, for example, with the following line (although I’d delete the word “equally”): “In fact, today’s economic troubles are not simply the result of inadequate demand but the result, equally, of a distorted supply side.”  Shortfalls in demand, in my estimation, are more the consequence, rather than the cause, of the problem.  John Cochrane – from whom I learned of Ragan’s essay – discusses it in detail.

Carpe Diem’s Mark Perry wonders why speculators aren’t being feted as heroes for their role in reducing oil prices.