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Some Links

Reason’s Lucy Steigerwald applauds one of the very few members of Congress who deserves applause: freshman Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI), here for his principled opposition to Uncle Sam’s dangerously misguided and unconstitutional military and war-state efforts.

This one is superb!  Steve Landsburg on Paul Krugman and on music – spiced perfectly with Louis Armstrong and Danny Kaye singing a song that’s long been especially close to my heart.  (Pop quiz for my fellow New Orleanians: Who was the first king of Bacchus?)

And David Henderson on both U.S. war-state efforts and Krugman.

Here’s David Harsanyi on the decaffeinated tea party.

Thanks to Mark Perry for posting this just-published short video of me talking last summer about unintended consequences.

Cato’s David Boaz, inspired by Bastiat, is rightly critical of the Obama administration’s latest piece of cronyism, namely, suppressing competition facing powerful friends by punitively taxing Americans who choose to buy solar panels made in China.  (To be fair to Mr. Obama, such cronyism is bipartisan, endorsed by members of both major U.S. political parties as well as by a string of U.S. presidents regardless of party and of the contents of their public prattling.  Because the public largely believes in mercantilism – it’s the economic equivalent of thinking it to be obvious that the sun revolves around a stationary earth – officials seeking office will continue to peddle such snake oil.)