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Some Links

Over at Coordination Problem,money and banking expert Steve Horwitz challenges Paul Krugman’s rendition of U.S. banking history, and Pete Boettke challenges Paul Krugman’s version of the history of contemporary government policy.

Another item at Coordination Problem is an announcement of a special issue of the journal Public Choice in honor of its founder and long-time editor, Gordon Tullock; the issue is edited by Charles Rowley and GMU Econ Chairman Dan Houser.  (The photo was taken in August 2008, in Gordon’s GMU-Arlington office, on the occasion of Gordon’s retirement from GMU.)

The Cato Institute has launched what promises to be a worthy effort: The National Police Misconduct Reporting Project.

In today’s Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, I use the Eduardo Saverin case to defend individuals against the presumption, by many in the U.S., that productive citizens should be treated as serfs bound, on severe penalty of leaving, to Manor USA.

Tom Elia’s When Lobsters Take Flight promises to be a fun read.