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Cleaned by Capitalism XXVII

Here’s a photo of one set of George Washington’s dentures (HT Maxim Lott).  Washington had, during his life, at least four sets of dentures.  He started losing his teeth while still in his twenties.

Unlike the Great Washington, we denizens of modern capitalist societies have ready access to such marvels (for such they surely would be to a resurrected George Washington) as inexpensive (hence, disposable) electric toothbrushes, disposable floss, countless varieties of fluoridated toothpastes, antibacterial mouthwashes, and professional dental care that is both inestimably more effective and less painful than was such “care” rendered when Washington still trod the fields of Mount Vernon.  And I’m quite certain that those few of us who must use dentures have our false teeth made of materials far more sanitary and comfortable than were used to build those for Washington.  Heck, Washington didn’t even have Efferdent!


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