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Some Links

I meant several months ago – but am remembering only now – to link to this audio recording of one of the final lectures given by the late, great University of Washington economist Paul Heyne.  (HT James McCammon)  (Paul’s textbook, The Economic Way of Thinking – now in its 12th edition and co-authored with my colleague Pete Boettke and Pete’s long-ago GMU Econ classmate Dave Prychitko – offers a spectacularly good and wonderfully unique introduction to the phenomenon described by its title.)

My and Russ’s friend from Kansas State University’s Department of Mathematics, Pietro Poggi-Corradini, reviews the movie ‘Gandhi.

George Will ponders “Progressive” politics in Wisconsin.

My sincere thanks to Steve Landsburg for this post.

Alex Tabarrok asks a good question about foreign “aid.

Cafe patrons know how highly I esteem the work of UCLA economist Harold Demsetz.  David Henderson offers some insight into why Harold deserves such esteem – indeed, why Harold deserves far more esteem than he has so far received.