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Some Links

This past Thursday in New York City, Stanford University economist John Taylor – winner of the 2012 Manhattan Institute Hayek Prize for his fine book First Principles – delivered the 2012 Hayek Lecture.  Here’s a video of Prof. Taylor’s lecture.

And in today’s Wall Street Journal, Robert Barro strikes a theme quite similar to that of Taylor’s lecture.

August 10-12, at George Mason University’s Fairfax campus, are the dates and location for the 2012 Public Choice Outreach Seminar.  More info here.  I enthusiastically encourage all potentially qualified students to apply.

Bob Higgs catalogs the axioms of political geometry – some examples being “To extend a growth-of-government line, project it indefinitely in a line straight to hell” and “The shortest distance between a free society and a totalitarian society passes through war.”

Let us all hope that Art Carden’s fortitude is ample.

John Lott weighs in on Mayor Michael “Busybody” Bloomberg’s soda downsizing.