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by Don Boudreaux on June 11, 2012

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At NRO, Kevin Williamson understandably laments the politicization of financial losses suffered in market economies.  (HT Joe Connors)

Emily O’Neill narrates this fine video, from the Center for Freedom & Prosperity, on the dangers of government dependency.

Speaking of worthwhile videos, this new one (produced by LearnLiberty) from Antony Davies offers yet another explanation why centrally planned monetary policy makes as much sense as, say, a centrally planned steel policy or a centrally planned broccoli policy.

Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby writes wisely on public-sector unions.

Randy Holcombe – who taught a graduate class that I took long ago in Public Choice Economics – wonders why public-choice economics isn’t more successful than it is.

Bryan Caplan writes wisely, at EconLog, on the role of meritocracy of liberty.

In Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, James Grant reviewed two new books: one by Allan Meltzer; a second by Luigi Zingales.

Finally, Matt Zwolinski ably defends his defense of sweatshops factory work in poor countries against some other Bleeding Heart Libertarians who take issue with aspects of his defense of such factory work.


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