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Some Links

Steve Landsburg gives, I estimate, about 1.43 cheers to Pres. Obama’s recent announcement to halt the deportation of many illegal immigrants peaceful people whose only offense is to reside in the United States without official approval from Washington pooh-bahs.  And Steve asks Mr. Obama some incisive questions.

In this video (from, I think, sometime in the mid-1970s) the great Milton Friedman discusses the politics and economics of minimum-wage legislation.  (HT Mark Perry)

Also from Mark Perry: Help the rich through rent-control legislation!

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Mary Anastasia O’Grady reports that things aren’t going as well in Panama as was expected.

George Will’s Washington Post column from last Thursday further exposes the political-class’s inherent tendency – one now inculcated in their enfants – to shield themselves from competition and to shield their psyches from the reality of their privilege-seeking.  This column also contains what could well have been a great Quotation of the Day:

Montgomery County, on the District of Columbia’s northern border, is a dormitory for the nation’s government, where federal workers’ sleep is disturbed only by dreams of new ways to improve us.

Arnold Kling asks if Tyler Cowen has “gone native.

On his 70th birthday, I offer again this appreciation of Paul McCartney.