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Some Links

In this LearnLiberty video, Elizabeth Price Foley discusses the constitutionality (or not) of Obamacare.  One of my favorite lines from the video occurs right at the opening: “Forcing Americans to buy something is a coerced contract.  And a coerced contract is an oxymoron under the law.”

In today’s New York Daily News, I explore some of the economic fallacies that motivated Neil Munro’s now-infamous question to Pres. Obama regarding immigrants.

I’m eager to read John Goodman’s new book, Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis.

Here’s a classic essay from Sheldon Richman on the the seen and unseen of gun control.

Vulgar Keynesianism – being incomparably attractive to politicians because it is simply another name for the jumble of confusions toted about by the economically uninformed man-in-the-street – is running at full gallop in the White House.  Shikha Dalmia explains.

Sallie James exposes Sen. Marco Rubio’s economically twisted excuse for his giving evidence of the validity of public-choice economics.

Speaking of evidence of the validity of public-choice economics, here’s more: the Senate, by a landslide, refused to approve Sen. Rand Paul’s proposal to trim the farm subsidies welfare doled out to farmers (and “farmers”).  (Folks who fantasize that Republicans generally are principled opponents of big government should pay special heed to this reality.)