Some Friedman Links

by Don Boudreaux on July 31, 2012

in Civil Society, Economics

On this the 100th anniversary of the birth of Milton Friedman I dedicate the Cafe’s ‘Some Links’ feature to celebrations of that great economist’s and humanitarian’s legacy.

John Blundell, writing in Britain’s Telegraph.

Thomas Sowell on why we still need Milton Friedman.

Bryan Caplan at EconLog.

David Henderson at EconLog.

Rob Bradley at MasterResource.

Andrew Coulson interviews “Free To Choose” producer Bob Chitester.

Nick Gillespie at

Steve Moore at the Wall Street Journal.

Anthony Kim and Terry Miller at the Heritage Foundation.

Michael Walker with Canada’s Fraser Institute.

Finally, here’s Friedman himself writing, along with George Stigler, a 1946 essay – “Roofs or Ceilings” – on rent-control, and published by the then-just-launched Foundation for Economic Education.


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