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Some Links

I’m generally optimistic about the robustness of a free society – optimistic about its ability to withstand large measures of harmful and heavy-handed government intrusions.  But that optimism is noticeably diminished whenever I read of plagues of bureaucrats swarming into the lives of innocent people – plagues such as that suffered by marine biologist Nancy Black and related here by George Will.

Bill Easterly wonders why the World Bank is less accountable than is Penn State for its scandalous recklessness with the lives of innocent people.

Sheldon Richman – who never writes a word that isn’t worth reading – weighs in on Pres. Obama’s “You didn’t build that” remark.

Here’s Richard Epstein on gun control.  (Note also the comment beneath his essay by Steve Stanek.)

My colleague Dick Wagner explores, with Steve Hanke as co-author, two systems of public finance.

David Henderson offers sound analysis of the economics and history of cronyism.

Here’s an ungated version of a recent Asian Wall Street Journal essay by Barun Mitra on reforming India’s institution for supplying electricity.

Ed Glaeser writes wisely in the Boston Globe about outsourcing.  (HT Jeff Jacoby)