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Some Links

Mark Pennington corrects appalling mischaracterizations of the work of the late, great Elinor Ostrom.

So, is post-Mao economic growth in China the result of Beijing’s continuing interventions or of its pulling back from intervening as heavily as it once did?  Paul Gregory says the latter.

I just learned of this 2009 paper by the late, great Larry Ribstein entitled “Wall Street and Vine: Hollywood’s View of Business.”  I haven’t yet read it, but, being written by Larry, it’s bound to be worthwhile.

In this short video, Steve Horwitz answers the question: Is Capitalism Pro-Business?

Arnold Kling explains his Austro-Keynesianism.

Sandy Ikeda discusses the often-overlooked importance of the division of labor for economic growth.

Steve Landsburg links to some videos of talks given at the Summer 2012 Cato University.