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by Don Boudreaux on August 11, 2012

in Books, History, Hubris and humility, Inequality, State of Macro

Todd Zywicki, one of my prolific GMU colleagues over in our law school, spells out some of the dangers of the so-called Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

George Will offers a history lesson in the hubris of the mighty.

Inequality is mismeasured – so argue Kip Hagopian and Lee Ohanian.

Arnold Kling reviews Brink Lindsey’s latest book – an ebook entitled Human Capitalism.

Lancaster University economist G.R. Steele makes a strong case that Paul Krugman ought to stick with international-trade theory and avoid excursions into macroeconomics.  (And here, btw, is Steele’s review of Nicholas Wapshott’s book on Hayek and Keynes.)

John Steele Gordon offers five important lessons from American history.


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