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by Don Boudreaux on August 24, 2012

in Complexity & Emergence, Crony Capitalism, Seen and Unseen, State of Macro, Taxes, Video, Weblogs

The great stagnation might, after all, be real: Arnold Kling has stopped blogging.

Sheldon Richman comments incisively on Matt Yglesias’s evaluation of the relevance of Bastiat.

As you watch this very short video – which, while cute, makes an important point – keep in mind Deirdre McCloskey’s thesis that culture and rhetoric matter greatly.  Widespread admiration for activities and professions that, at bottom, are predatory is dangerous.

Over at The Liberal Order, Mark Steckbeck explains an important – but too-often-overlooked – distinction between marginal and average tax rates.

Peter Lewin continues to brilliantly instruct us on the importance of understanding a modern economy’s complexity.

K. William Watson weighs in on Russia’s membership in the WTO – and Congress’s inexcusable protectionism.


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