My prolific GMU Econ colleague Pete Boettke will discuss his new book, Living Economics, this Thursday at the Mason Inn (conveniently located on GMU’s Fairfax campus.)  Other participants in the discussion of Pete’s book include Tony Carelli, Pete Leeson, Ben Powell, and Alex Tabarrok.  Here’s the announcement of this event.  I’ll be there.

Mark Perry’s blog-post title is self-explanatory: “Pew Research Calls It ‘Hollowing Out of the Middle Class,’ But 150 Americans Moved Up for Every 100 Who Moved Down Between 1971 and 2011.”  Mark’s post is reminiscent of this classic post, from 2004, by Arnold Kling.

Bryan Caplan discusses discrimination and liberty – a discussion motivated by Will Wilkinson’s recent thoughts on the matter.

Veronique de Rugy offers more evidence that the best way to shrink public debt is to cut government spending.

Free speech in Mexico is in perilous condition these days, as explained here by Mary Anastasia O’Grady.

Here’s Randy Holcombe on the euro’s fading promise.

Washington Post columnist Charles Lane meet economist Steve Horwitz.

Simon Jenkins notes that westerners oughtn’t be too smug when criticizing the Putin regime for its persecution of Pussy Riot.  (HT Walter Grinder)


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