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Dan Klein on Clint Eastwood

My colleague Dan Klein sent the following to me by e-mail.  Dan here makes an important, yet often overlooked, point.

I liked Clint last night, and especially the Good, Bad, Ugly image at the open.

I liked everything about it save “We own this country.”

If the remark presupposes “the country” as a single entity that is owned, I object.

I wrote a piece about the precept of the country as a single entity that is owned, “Against Overlordship“.

I’d say, rather, that the country is a constellation of separately owned properties. I think Clint would agree.

The truth in Clint’s remark is in understanding it as we, the citizens, collectively own the public sector.

People often conflate the country and the government. Clint did so in an unusual way.


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